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During this block week course, we were tasked with choosing any typology and developing a subsequent lighting design. We chose to design for a jewellery store; due to the delicate nature of different types of gemstones, precious metals, and other types of high-value jewellery products, we deemed it as an interesting challenge. Natural light spills into the space during the daylight hours through the generous storefront windows. The soft, diffused ambient lighting that bathes the displays create a clear and bright environment for browsing clients and customers to view and admire the jewellery while keeping excess glare and reflection at a minimum. Strategic focal points and accent walls use unique lighting techniques to draw attention from the street to the storefront displays, and views from inside to primary areas of interest. Accent lighting allows for a continuous and enjoyable visual experience while the eye-catching shelf displays with built-in lighting draw you in while claiming minimal space on the retail floor – leaving the boutique uncrowded and creating a wonderfully clear and bright experience.
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